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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)
Psychotherapist; Inclusion & Diversity Expert
19960 PointsGold
  • LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Liberation Family Ministries
I am a re-purposed family therapy professor. I have spent over 15-years mentoring and supervising masters and doctoral students aspiring to be therapists, counselors, coaches and/or professors. My religious upbringing is Christian, but my personal spirituality transcends the limits of traditional religious practices and dogma. I care deeply about cultivating and advancing healthy relationships within the Baby Boomer population, e.g., elder care-giving, wellness, and retirement preparation. However, inclusive training and community building are the heart of my work. The words that best describe my practice are graciousness, authenticity, and profundity. High profile clients love me :).

I use relational therapy/coaching to address personal and professional concerns.

•    My expertise is helping you sort through problems
to create the calmness and change

•    I am a trained hypnotherapist

•    My special gift is connecting with you so that together
we find lasting solutions to real and perceived problems

•    Expect an uncommon approach to match and dissolve
your unique problem

•    Respectfully, I'm not an ordinary therapist/coach--
you have friends and grandparents for that
Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416) speaks English
USD 5.00/min
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