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How do I know that I can trust an online therapist?

asked Apr 13
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Trust is a choice. Even if you were coming to see one of us in person, it will take a certain amount of personal trust.  I had to say that.

Now, on our website, you will see a range of professionals. Each of us have our own set of credentials.  Many of us have advance degrees, and most of us  we have been trained, certified, and/or licensed by professional boards.  Our certifying organizations have ETHICAL STANDARDS that we have each sworn to adhere to. BUT even without these boards of certification, many of us are naturally helpers or healers. We were born to do this work. SO, THE LAST thing we want to do is HARM another human being (living thing for that matter).

My invitation then is that you  understand that our goal is to "do no harm."  NOT THAT WE ARE INCAPABLE of wrongdoing, but our INTENTION IS to HELP.

The only way you can begin to TRUST  one of us is to shop around the website.
Read the profiles, study the photos you see--you can actually see who we are by looking at our pictures. Then schedule a 1-time session to see if the fit is there. Then, TRUST YOURSELF to choose the therapist that will best meet your specific needs.
Apr 13
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