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Renee Paul


My family of origin has a history of mother-daughter conflict. It seemed that my daughter and I were headed in the same direction. My fear was that if I didn’t end this trend now with the two of us that she and her daughter would have this problem. So, I went online to Honestly, the advice I got changed us both! My daughter and I are not brand new, but we are so much closer that we were before I asked my online coach.

Sly Madison


Everyone in my family is an entrepreneur except me. I wanted to know if I had what it took. My AskACoach is helped me to discover that I really don’t want to be an entrepreneur and that I was feeling inadequate because everyone else was. What I am is a primary school teacher and I love it. Thanks to my AskACoach, I am now satisfied with being who and what I am.

Leslie Nielsen


Bob Reish is an absolutely amazing business coach! Before coaching with Bob my business was doing okay, but not great. I knew I had the skills to get my business to the next level, but I was still struggling to make it happen. By working with Bob, I've gained tremendous clarity, I'm working less hours per day and getting more done, I getting new customers faster than ever, he's even showed me how to get lots of new clients without paying for leads or making cold calls. His methods are cutting edge and highly effective. Thank you coach Bob for helping me get my business to the next level so quickly.

Danny Creed


It was my honor to participate in the AskACoach contest and a fabulous surprise to win! AskACoach is on track to be one of the premier Coach finder services in the world. It is full of powerful content. And the AskACoach team has taken an exceptional amount of care to screen and then offer to the world, only some of the finest coaches within various disciplines. I'm very proud to be a part of this growing, worldwide network of people helping people. I will look forward to helping make AskACoach the premier coach finder site on planet earth!
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