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How to Get Motivated: The Ultimate Guide to Developing Self-Motivation

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Reading Time: 11 minutes “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain But what happens if you can’t get started? Struggling with self-motivation is very common. We all have big things we’d like to achieve in our lives. But often we find it difficult to know where to start. We might want to learn to play the piano, but it’s difficult to …

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What is Color Therapy? Can Colors Really Help Us Heal?

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Reading Time: 10 minutes As alternative therapies go, color therapy is one that has evolved from an ancient tradition to high-tech treatment. Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, has existed in some form for thousands of years. Yet, in the 21st century, it’s enjoyed a massive resurgence. Aided by infrared and color emitted saunas, tinted glasses, and the popularity of energy work, color therapy …

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Aaron Hernandez: Mental Health; Things Aren’t Always as They Appear

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Sometimes it is the people who appear to have the most, who have the least coping skills to handle it… A documentary was recently released on Netflix involving both the intriguing and tragic life of football great Aaron Hernandez. Adoring Patriot fans saw a young-eyed, sweet-faced kid who could do no wrong. And also a superstar who led the Patriots …

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Anxiety and The Power of Distraction

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Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s no denying it: it’s been an anxiety-inducing few weeks. As the COVID-19 crisis escalates around the world, and governments make drastic steps to curb the pandemic, many of us are feeling fearful and uncertain. For those who already struggle with anxiety disorders, current world events compound mental health issues, and exacerbate symptoms. With lots of us practicing social distancing, …

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Can Women Have a Midlife Crisis?

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Reading Time: 7 minutes “In middle age we are apt to reach the horrifying conclusion that all sorrow, all pain, all passionate regret and loss and bitter disillusionment are self-made.” Kathleen Norris Although the stereotype of a midlife crisis is a gray-haired man, dressing way too young for his age, with a woman who is young enough to be his daughter on his arm …

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How to Build Self-Confidence When you Have None

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Reading Time: 5 minutes There are ways to build your self-esteem from scratch… And, surprisingly, they are easier than you think! For some, having low self-esteem is something that can be so deep-seated that it is difficult to overcome. Low self-esteem can stem from childhood experiences like prolonged separation from caregivers, neglect, and sexual and emotional abuse. Developing low self-esteem later in life usually …

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You’re Not Crazy:  5 Signs You’re Experiencing Gaslighting

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Gaslighting is a tactic meant to shut you down and shut you out by using your worst fears and insecurities against you… No, you are not crazy! Have you ever been in a disagreement with someone that started out completely calm and rational and quickly spiraled into disaster? Gaslighting is a powerful tool that people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder use …

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How to Manage Anxiety Around the Coronavirus

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Reading Time: 5 minutes It is reasonable to be anxious about the coronavirus and take necessary precautions, but don’t feed into the fear. There are times when the collective unconscious can be so excited that you can feel the anxiety and anticipation in the air. The coronavirus has set off a panic like one that the world has not seen in decades, if ever. …

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Is Your Relationship Healthy? 10 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

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Reading Time: 6 minutes There is no such thing as a “perfect marriage,” but there are some characteristics that healthy relationships share. A relationship is something that is supposed to lend you support and provide you with the emotional stability that keeps you mentally and physically healthy. A healthy relationship not only brings out the best in you, but it also makes you feel …