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Technically there is nothing wrong with gluten. It is a protein found in wheat and some various other plant products. Gluten may be present in some other foods like oatmeal and quinoa by means of "cross contamination" whereby factory processing machines are not cleaned between alternating processing of gluten and non gluten containing foods. Some people react rather violently to gluten and test positive for something called Celiac. If you are Celiac positive, you avoid gluten and anything remotely resembling it and avoid anything that will even touch it. For example, if you like french fries, you would avoid them because they could be dipped in the same frying oil battered chicken fingers were also dipped in. The rest of the gluten controversy is in a gray area and not necessarily a medical condition. For example, there is something called gluten intolerance. This supposed condition does not test positive for Celiac but will make someone's life very unpleasant if gluten is consumed. Symptoms may include prolonged diarrhea, bloating, etc. I do suppose since there is no drug to treat this, it is not defined as a medical disorder. I personally have witnessed more information on gluten. I have worked with people that seem to have withdrawal symptoms from trying to go gluten free. This is still highly controversial but I have witnessed this at least a few dozen times. There are books on the subject such as Wheat Belly by Davis but this book like the others have been highly debated and many people have discredited the findings. Davis did assert that all wheat is GMO and may have high amounts of Glysophate present. A friend of mine decided to test his blood sugar via a home glucose monitor following the ingestion of white rice and white bread. They were of equal amounts and on separate days. The white bread moved his sugar an additional 30+ points. Keep in mind that this isn't science but a very good lead to create a real study. Nevertheless, after his experiment, he no longer eats gluten. There is some suggestion that some folks may have a reaction to some short chain sugar molecules associated with gluten. I personally have an intolerance to gluten but for some reason beer does not have that effect. Gluten is surely present in beer but some of the sugars have undergone fermentation and may no longer be present. The gluten free market is a big industry. Keep in mind that the replacement items may not help with weight loss as many of these ingredients also have a high glycemic index. Gluten free may not be healthier unless gluten does not agree with you.
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Healing from a disease involves many areas of your life. You might be on a prescribed medication but lifestyle factors have a significant role in your recovery. It is important to look at your nutrition, your exercise, thoughts, your sleep and your time outside. One of the more overlooked areas of focus in recovery is our thoughts about our illness. What we think about and dwell on can have a significant impact. If you have a defeatist mindset about your illness, chances are you will be less willing to do what is necessary, believing there is no hope of improvement or recovery. If you have a positive, larger picture mindset you will have hope and seek opportunities for healing. When you take on the mindset that there is meaning to the disease and recovery, you establish something worth fighting for and your mind and body work together to initiate healing. Our thoughts have the ability to impact our emotional state as well as our physiology at a deeper level. We could be following the perfect protocol as outlined by a physician but if our mindset is negative and defeatist it can impede any gains that could be made.
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Begin by only eating real food. Nothing processed, nothing manufactured or in a box. Stick to real meats, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts in their natural state and cooked in a healthy manner. This is the way our ancestors ate before the industrial revolution. You should also have a complete physical to make sure you don't have an underlying medical condition that has caused you to gain so much weight. Drink half your weight in ounces of water and start to move your body at least a little every day.
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You can eat clean without buying organic, however, going organic is definitely cleaner expecially in buying meat. Organic meats reduce any extra hormones being pumped into the animals to make them grow faster thus producing more meat. They also have better standards for living like being able to move around. Organic produce has less pesticides and chemicals. It is also real food. My friend bought regular tomatoes and they never molded. What happens is that they are picked unripe (green) and pumped with oxygen to make them appear red even though they are not ripe. They do the same with oranges. Others have chemicals that make them not rot or mold so they last longer. Organic tomatoes are natural and they are not tampered with. A real tomato or any produce should mold after a short while. Tomatoes mold within 2 weeks. All in all, organic means no added hormones, no GMO, its real food, and less chemicals.
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You need to stop comparing yourself with other people and compare yourself to you. Other people have nothing to do with you. People have strengths that you may be weak in and you have a strengths that others are weak in. Work on your own strengths and weaknesses. Build yourself up. Be better than you were last year and the year before that. You will never feel good about yourself if you keep comparing yourself to others or you focus on your flaws. You are not surrounded by better people, you just interpret that they are better than you. Do not worry about others and see the strengths you have. Be the best that you can be.
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